TraKCbanga DJs is a Midwest based DJ coalition focused on the ART of music in its many forms. The founding members of the TraKCbanga DJs have joined forces to bring a new outlet to DJ’s & ARTists in and around the Midwest. DJs that lead by example in breaking independent & national records is a major focus of this coalition. TraKCbanga DJs are combining the business aspects of the industry with the honesty & integrity that is expected of a true DJ. Shedding light on the grind, dedication & hard work that the DJ’s (& Artists) put forth to make this happen is a must.
Currently TraKCbanga DJs are comprised of Radio, Club, Mixtape and Event DJs in several markets who were selected based on their individual reputations/qualities. The coalition is consistently expanding throughout the Midwest as well as other regions, gaining recognition and respect. With a promising start, all members of this DJ family know that the road to success never ends… “This is a long-term commitment based on building required, working relationships that will enable us to move forward.”
TraKCbanga DJs are diligently working on bridging markets in the region to create a movement that unites DJs, managers, & artists to produce more prosperous relationships. All while setting the highest standards for bringing Artists closer to their fans, and respect to the DJs who make this possible.
“Respect the DJ”

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